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Corporate History

history of Bluestar


Future Bluestar president Mick Sakamoto learns his first lessons at International school about computers on an American-made DEC (now HP) PDP-11/04 mini-computer.


Sakamoto begins to use BBS by using 300bps phone coupler and his own 8 bit computer MZ80B.(Zilog CPU)


Establishes Fujitsu 16 bit personal computer users group and certified by Fujitsu for our activities.


Sakamoto hosts his own community, which he is given responsibility for managing, on Nikkei Mix hosted by Nikkei BP publishing.


Promoted "Free trial software" to the ISV's in Japan for more than 100 trial softwares.
Establishes NIFTY-Serve Fujitsu's PC uers forum and promote Free trial software, free software and Shareware.


Makes GNU CD-ROM with the co-operation of volunteers, and from its entire revenue has been donated to Mr.Richard Matthew Stallman, founder of Free Software Foundation.


Sakamoto establishes the NIFTY-Serve trial-version software forum, contributing to the widespread trend of offering trial version software for PCs.

Corporate Establishment

Mick Sakamoto founds Bluestar Corporation as Japan's first firm specializing in PC-based net marketing. Entrusted with corporate community management, the Company takes up partnership marketing, devising a buzz marketing methodology. (Important for tasks such as CS improvement, merchandise development, fan-base formation, consensus building.


The Company launches an online mail-order business, accumulating related expertise.


The Company hosts the NIFTY-Serve Windows Forum. (Later evolves into a 600,000 member community. Largest at that time.)


The Company helps to encourage widespread use of shareware in Japan. It also launches regular publication of Japan's first email magazine from a corporate sender, on behalf of client NTT DoCoMo, Inc. This milestone becomes a template for mail marketing in the domestic market.


Created the one of the Mega Bank in Japan, Fuji Bank.


The Company develops an Internet-based community system (including keyword filter), which it supplies to Tokyo Broadcasting Service, Inc. (TBS).


Started angel and incubation by our self investment.


JBOOK book mail-order site established through a joint venture with Bunkyodo Co., Ltd. The Company also conducts detailed design of the distribution system.


Started M&A advisory services specially on IT industry.

Feburary 2002

The Company formally commercializes search engine marketing (SEO). Mail-order firms specializing mainly in catalog-based sales become core customers.


The Company conducts RFP design for construction of mainframe systems for wholesalers with 3 billion yen in annual sales, as well as system monitoring (diagnosis).


Launched the web access analysis business.

December 2004

The Company promotes a net marketing and consulting business based on the core concepts of affiliate system and usability.


The Company turns attention to keyword search advertising (P4P), launching a business for extensive analysis of cost effectiveness; the business gains high marks particularly among mail-order companies.

August 2007

Starts "Web advisory service" not only for the larger enterprose but also spread to Small and medium size E-Commerce companies and foreign companies.

July 2008

The Company launches "Bluestar Web Marketing Advice," a business specializing in advisory services pertaining to Web-based marketing for small and medium sized enterprises through to large corporations.

December 2009

Consultation starts on symantec web.

Feburary 2010

Started to sale and support PC Pitstop's PC tuning solution called "PC Matic" into Japanese market.

April 2011

Moved office from Shibuya-ku, Tokyo to Minato-ku where near to the Japanese govenment buildings.

August 2013

Corporate website renewal to responsive web design.

Commitment to Independence

Most of Japan's IT-industry firms have capital ties of some sort with larger corporate groups. Consequently, the advice and consulting services they offer frequently double as vehicles for marketing the products and services of their corporate parent. Bluestar Corporation is 100% owned by our president, enabling us to offer advice from the perspective of our corporate clients.