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Code of Conduct Society Environment
We conduct ourselves in line with our Corporate Code of Conduct, strictly adhering to all laws and company regulations.

Based on our corporate philosophy of acting in full trust as a support firm for other companies, we at Bluestar Corporation:

  1. Provide customers with surveys and services in a fair and environmentally responsible manner.
  2. In business transactions, we act in a fair and transparent manner and engage in free competition; we also maintain sound relationships with government agencies.
  3. We actively and fairly disclose corporate information to enhance communication with the general public; corporate data is also managed is a responsible manner.
  4. We view environmental problems as a common issue facing all of humanity, and recognize management efforts to address these issues as vital to the existence and activities of every company. To this end, we take voluntary and proactive steps to address environmental concerns.
  5. As a good corporate citizen, we greatly value coexistence with local communities, and make efforts to pursue social contribution activities.
  6. We strive to ensure a safe and comfortable working environment, give full play to the abilities and utilization of our employees, and have an abiding respect for their personalities, individuality, and diversity.
  7. We do not tolerate interaction of any kind with anti-social forces or groups.
  8. When operating outside Japan, we show a deep respect for other cultures and customs and strive to contribute to the economic development of the region.
  9. We gather information from a global perspective, ascertaining and incorporating international trends into our businesses.
  10. We endeavor to treat all stakeholders as equal to one another. For this reason, we solicit input regularly from voices within and outside the Company. Additionally, we take steps to put effective internal control systems in place and ensure thorough understanding and compliance with corporate ethical norms.
  11. Ensuring full compliance with this Corporate Code of Conduct requires vigilance on the part of the Company and its employees. In the unlikely event that violations of this code arise, the Company itself will spearhead efforts to resolve the problem and prevent its recurrence. We will report progress made to this end to the public as appropriate. After clarifying authority and accountability in the matter, violations will be dealt with in a stern but fair manner.

Published June 1, 2007