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Code of Conduct Society Environment

Compliance Promotion Framework

Compliance Education and Awareness

At Bluestar Corporation, we ensure that a compliance mindset is fully engrained companywide by using educational programs for new employees and new managers and shared information systems as vehicles for teaching employees of the need to reflect on the serious damage that a single compliance violation can cause the Company. Other efforts focus on making employees aware of just how important daily compliance is to safeguarding our families and our futures. Viewing CSR as fundamental, we create a corporate culture defined by sincerity, sound choices, transparency, and a free and dynamic atmosphere. The resulting atmosphere is one in which compliance is natural, rather than forced. In this way, we hope to minimize compliance-related risk.

Compliance Hotline

Bluestar Corporation has established an in-house compliance hotline system to prevent potential compliance violations. The system is described as follows in the Corporate Code of Conduct Procedural Framework: "In the unlikely event that our conduct appears to be in violation of laws", internal regulations or this code, contact a supervisor immediately. In cases where speaking with a supervisor is difficult, contact the Corporate Ethics Consultation Desk. The Consultation Desk will convene a meeting of the CSR Committee, investigate the matter, and report to senior management as deemed necessary on the most appropriate response to take. In such cases, the identity of the person reporting the incident will be kept in strict confidence, with the Company's guarantee that the reporter will suffer no negative treatment as a result of their actions.

Commitment to Confidentiality

Over the course of business, Bluestar Corporation is privy to important business ideas held by its clients in a similar manner as attorneys and certified public accountants. For this reason, we are staunchly committed to ensuring complete understanding among employees of the importance of strict confidentiality as part of our compliance education program. Our stance is that even identifying a client by initials only, when only one client with those initials exists, is tantamount to full exposure. Accordingly, we maintain the most rigorous standards with respect to confidentiality.

Acting through Groups

From day one, Bluestar Corporation's involvement in social activities has been conducted through a host of different industry organizations. At present, we implement and support CSR-related actions through the organizations listed below. In line with public needs, we cancel membership in any organization in which our participation, or reason for continued participation, is no longer relevant.

Web Analytics Association (U.S.)

The organization focuses on access analysis. The enabler of all Web marketing. Having established a dominant position in the U.S. as an access analytics specialist, the association is invariably utilized by the marketing divisions of companies that demonstrate outstanding Web performance. Bluestar Corporation is a participating member of the Web Analytics Association, a support organization made up of access analytics specialists.

The Japan Academic Society for Ventures and Entrepreneurs

Bluestar Corporation has been an industry pioneer and specialist in net marketing since the PC-based communications era, when net marketing was relatively unknown among the general public. We know firsthand that being first to develop a market is far from easy. For this reason, the Company is a member of the Japan Academic Society for Ventures and Entrepreneurs. Helping firms with the desire to create new public goods and industry pioneers by offering them the support they need.

Donations to Support Non Profitable Organizations

Some 2 billion people in the world are said to be in need of international assistance and support due to natural disasters, famine and disease. In some, this situation breeds an understandable desire to stop everything to dedicate one's life to helping those in need. Our approach is to perform the best job we can to satisfy our clients, and then donate a portion of our profits to charitable support organizations. Matching donations with those made by employees are presented to charitable organizations chosen by the Company's CSR Committee.

Peace Winds Japan, WWF Japan, Foster plan Japanetc.

Social activity by free web marketing manual and open patents.

To avoid either stealth patent or patent application of well known ideas, we are applying many patents without requesting for examination of the patient to make it open ideas for everyone.Better ideas for common wealth to make the better IT world which is our vision statement.

Open patent for new our ideas

Case study: In the escrow used on an internet auction, the sender and receiver of the parcel might not be agreed to use personal information for the logistics by using numeric or hash key via the auction warehouse. Stereo headphone with microphone attached is also Bluestar patent which is open to public.

Free web marketing manuals!

We have been providing web marketing manuals since 2000 and which is now more than 700 pages recently. Those are revised every day for the latest information. These manuals are very common in Japan and also providing latest web trend and technologies to the Japanese web business companies. ≫ Free manuals in Japanese