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Designing the earth environment

The depletion of Earth's natural resources and humanity's ongoing pollution of the planet raise questions as to whether life can continue to thrive here. At Bluestar Corporation, we believe that the development of an IT-based society will completely transform how all business is done, thereby realizing a more environmentally friendly world. Our position is that using operations as vehicles for designing eco-friendly environments for customers is the greatest environmental initiative we could ever offer as a business. In fact, each of our employees approaches their work with the fervent belief that every one of us must do his or her part to create a cleaner and healthier natural environment.

The Move to Paperless Operations

For those clients that give advance approval, the proposals, reports and other deliverables we produce are sent to them via email in PDF format, rather than as printed documents. PCs are then used to refer to these documents at related meetings. This move enables us to contribute in some small way to reducing the demand for paper, which is rising globally. And since paper production uses massive amounts of water, paper reduction not only conserves forest resources but scarce water resources as well. On occasions when paper documents are required, we use quickly removable binding tools, rather than staples, to facilitate the recycling of these resources. The stance of Bluestar Corporation employees is that everyone must demonstrate in their individual actions the desire to create a sustainable society and maintain a positive relationship to the environment.

We only use FSC certification papers.

Reducing Environmental Footprint through Extensive Use of Public Transportation

We encourage extensive use of public transportation, which produces fewer CO2 emissions. Our position is that proper time management. The fundamental responsibility of any working adult should largely eliminate the need to use taxis for commuting. For those in outlying areas, too, we conduct surveys to determine whether the use of buses and other forms of public transportation, as opposed to frequent use of taxis, is feasible. When viewing personnel expenses on a cost-per hour basis, there actually are times when taxis are the cheaper alternative for a company from a cost standpoint. We believe, however, that where the environment is concerned, calculations based solely on material costs are misleading. Why? Because the time spent commuting on public transportation affords passengers the time to think, which is time always well spent. And suffice it to say that if humanity does not greatly reduce CO2 levels soon, the survival of our species itself may be in doubt.