Marketing & Biz launch services since 1990

President & CEO Mitsumasa "Mick" Sakamoto

1964 Born in Tokyo during Tokyo olympics game period.
1977 Moved to Hamburg, Germany. Learned at the International school of Hamburg.
1982 Returned to Japan (Yokohama)
1988 Moved to Tokyo's Shibuya Ward
1989 Received B.A. in International Economics, Chuo University
1989 Joined to the trading company, Nissho Iwai Corporation
1990 Established Bluestar Corporation, appointed president (current post)
1993 Left Nissho Iwai Corporation
2000 Established EC Research Institute, appointed president
2003 Oversees establishment of EC Japan Corporation from a merger of equals between EC Research Institute, and E-Japan Inc, appointed president (resigned August 2006)

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Membership Organizations

Web Analytics Association (U.S.), full member
(2006 to now)

Japan Academic Society for Ventures and Entrepreneurs (2005 to now)

World Wild animals Fund (WWF) Japan (1989 to now)

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