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Commencement of Ruby on Rails SNS source code sales

Bluestar Corporation (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Capital: 40 million yen; Mick Sakamoto, President) today announced that affiliate C.F. Computing Inc. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Capital: 5.91 million yen; Kazuhisa Nishikawa, President) will launch sales of SI core source code for social networking services (SNS) developed using Ruby on Rails. The sales launch will be accompanied by the start of adoption support consulting for those adopting the source code, as well as operations back-office outsourcing services.

Most firms that provide SNS solutions have delivery systems built around an entire program. This configuration makes it difficult to add or change functions without contacting the development firm from which the program was purchased each time. With this latest solution, however, both the source code and specification manuals are provided upon purchase, enabling adopting companies to pass on customization work to IT systems subsidiaries within their respective corporate groups.

Additionally, a number of services will be offered in tandem with the sales launch. These services include adoption feasibility consulting, adoption support (establishment of back-office functions, provision of back-office operations manuals, formulation of compliance standards), operational support (ex. one-stop back-office operations outsourcing, partial subcontracting, adviser-type services, others), and revitalization support, among other services.

BtoC, BtoE, and GtoC clients, as well as schools, are expected to be among the main adopters of the source code and related services.