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PC Matic

- PRESS RELEASE - Feburary 26th, 2015 TOKYO

All in one PC tuning and endpoint security solution, "PC Matic' is now on sale by retail package into Japanese market.

The product offers the both pc tuning feature and end point security to protect Windows PC and keep your PC running fast and stable. There are two versions of the retail box. “Regular” for annual license retail box for 5PCs and “EverGreen” for the eternal license for 5PCs.

PCs do not get old, they only become slow through lack of maintenance. Some security products have a noticeable impact on system performance and PC Matic is the only one that will indeed make your computer faster.

When your computer becomes slow, it can slowly affect you. Little by little your productivity suffers and it affects your outlook. As the computer slows down, its value decreases until ultimately you purchase a new one. It is possible to break the performance cycle through regular maintenance just like your car. All you need to do is set PC Matic to run weekly in the background to eliminate the junk and clean the mess that accrues through normal PC usage.

PC Matic uses a white list that identifies the good programs that you might want to run on your computer. There is a small chance that PC Matic might block a good program that you want to run, but on the other hand, PC Matic's white list blocks significantly more viruses than any other product. Don't believe us? PC Matic set a record for overall and proactive virus detections on the April 2014 Virus Bulletin Report. This is independent, third party validation that PC Matic's security is superior.
2014 April Virus Bulletin Windows7 Pro RAP Test

PC Matic automatically closes security holes in commonly used free software such as Oracle's Java and Adobe's Flash Player. Through these holes, it is possible to visit a compromised web site and become infected without clicking or acknowledging anything. The virus can enter through the hole. The only solution is to constantly keep these essential internet applications to their latest revision. The problem is that there are a lot of revisions and it is time consuming to install each new one. So few people do. PC Matic does it automatically behind the scenes so you don't have to.

If your computer dies, no problem. You can delete that computer from your account and add another one. The license is for the rest of your life, and you will never need to buy another security or PC maintenance product ever again. The two caveats are that the license is for non-commercial purposes and is non-transferable.


On sale:Feburary 26th, 2015

Web Site:

Name of product:PC Matic Annual license for 5PCs
EAN code:4573161500017
SRP: JPY 6,280(VAT included)

Name of product:PC Matic EverGreen eternal license for 5PCs
EAN code:4573161500024
SRP: JPY 17,000(VAT included)


About PC Pitstop LLC
HQ: Sioux City, IOWA, USA
PC Pitstop LLC was founded by Rob Cheng in 1999. Since he was the Senior Vice President of the PC manufacturer, Gateway PC, he noticed the customer demands of PC tuning software based on true PC diagnostics.
PC Matic was launched 2009 with both PC tuning and security feature all in one.

About Bluestar corporation
HQ: Minato-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
Bluestar offers the next-generation firewall, endpoint security and deeper security protection appliance for financial markets, telecom market and consumer market.

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