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Privacy Policy

To safeguard the privacy of its clients, Bluestar Corporation handles all information that could possibly identify specific clients or individuals (hereafter, personal information) based on the policy detailed below.

  1. Collection of personal information
    • We collect personal information from clients primarily in the instances described below. The intended uses of the personal information collected are also detailed below. Any usage of personal information other than those described is made clear at the time such data are collected.
    • Applications for services
      • Personal information is collected to verify applications for services and for service provision
    • Cooperation in response to questionnaires/surveys
      • Personal information is collected when analyzing and posting results of questionnaires, etc.
      • Personal information is collected for the production of future magazine content and when providing the Company with references with respect to planning and other activities
      • Personal information is collected to send letters of appreciation, etc. for cooperation with questionnaires
    • Applications for recruitment
      • Personal information is collected for decisions and notifications pertaining to recruitment for job applicants
    • In all cases in which personal information is collected, such data is compiled for the production of statistical materials, which contain no information identifying specific individuals. These materials are used as reference points for improving the Company's products and services, or as statistical data for disclosure to third parties. Such data are also used as part of information introducing new products and services from the Company (irrespective of whether such products or services are sole property of the Company).
  2. Usage and Management of Personal Information
    • Personal information provided by clients, except in cases stipulated by law, is not used for any purposes other than those previously described without prior customer consent.
    • The Company strictly manages personal information provided by clients, taking appropriate measures to prevent the loss, destruction, leakage, alteration or other unauthorized changes to said data. In the unlikely event that problems materialize, the Company will move to handle such matters quickly.
  3. Disclosure and Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties
    • Except in the instances described below, the Company does not disclose or provide personal information provided by clients to third parties without prior consent.
      • Personal information is disclosed or provided to third parties entrusted with the handling of such information pursuant to the purposes for the use of personal information by the Company described earlier
      • Personal information is disclosed or provided to financial institutions for verification purposes as part of settlement information related to merchandise orders
      • ersonal information is disclosed or provided in cases prescribed by law
    • In cases in which personal information is entrusted to third parties, the Company takes appropriate measures to ensure that such parties properly safeguard the personal information of the Company's clients.
    • The Company produces and displays statistical data regarding visitors to this website and other website-related information. In these cases too, visitors' personal information is not disclosed or made available to third parties.
  4. Use of Cookies
    • The individual sites within this website use cookies for certain pages. Cookies are programs that create a record of the devices that access a given site, thereby enabling Web servers to distinguish between those devices that are accessing the site and those that are not.
    • Visitors to this website can refuse to accept cookies, or can later delete those cookies that they have accepted.
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