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Get Speed, Stability and Security for Your PC!

PC Matic

What is PC Matic?

PC Matic is safe, secure, & simple to use software that automates the regular maintenance & preventative steps necessary to keep your PC fast & safe. Start with your Free Diagnosis today.

What are Vulnerability Patches?

Out of date software creates security holes that leave your PC vulnerable to dangerous malware. PC Matic guards against those security risks by automating the tracking, downloading & installing of the latest software updates.

What will PC Matic do for Me?

PC Matic will save you time, money and the aggravation of dealing with a PC that is infected with malware and operating at a fraction of its original speed. PC Matic can be set to automatically operate quietly in the background.

What is SuperShield?

SuperShield is PC Pitstop's proprietary real time security technology designed to take maximum advantage of Cloud Computing to keep your PC safe from online threats.

Unified Architecture

PC Matic takes a simple and holistic approach to maintenance. Unlike other products on the market, all of these technologies can be accessed through the click of one button. Our new architecture goes beyond a simple exercise in integration because we are using Software as a Service heavily. Check that, more than heavily, it is the core of the application.


Best of all the scan is free! That is right, all of those reports are FREE. Plus here is the next big news flash, PC Matic has no advertising, which makes it better than free.

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