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Hands on venture incubations

We provides the business know hows to both young and rich in frontier idea companies for free of charge. Occasionally, we invest to promote their business scheme as planned.

The new frontier industory needs more challenging spirits, team work, creating new business ideas continuously than the historical companies does. But often they face business difficulties by their lack of business skills. We offer how to make a business plan, budget control, hire and reward employees, rise a capital and more know how to grow and maintain company for free.

We are not expecting incomes but not to lose any. We ask founder of the incubating companies to pay forward someone who needs your help to run thier new business.

Past Efforts

Referto "Incubation" for more detail.

Content of execution

From the establishment to the seeds, we offer the closer partnership.

Making of the corporate business plan Making of the 12 quarters of revenue and budget business plan. Cash flow estimation. Capital strategy plan. Rising the capital, etc.
Ready for establishment Finalising the Working regulation for employee. Open the bank accounts. Recording, etc.
After the establishment Building the structure of human resorces model for thie own business model. Employment and layoffs. The budget control and the correction for primary balances, etc.
Early stages How to reward employees and grow teir motivations, etc.
Growing period Capital strategy plan, the rectructureing of division, etc.
Chapter 11 How to close their business and sell business rights, etc.