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We helps the Market entry research, Business establishment, Executive Recruiting

We provides the business launch services for the companies who has plan to open offices or establishing subsidiary company in Japan. We are neither a judicial scrivener office nor a law firm. We are the business consulting company who provides the services for foreign companies to make business strategy plan to advance into Japan. As we are one of the innovative benchmark holder marketing company here in Japan, we are sure that our research reports are tailored to your company's needs and expertly written by in-country specialists so that you can make the right decisions regarding market entry. We makes close partnership to make finest business plan to advance into Japan collaborating with your international division or marketing division WITHOUT knowing cultural gaps and misunderstood errors before the establishment.

We also offer NO monthly charges other than revenue share basis to minimize business risks. If your company is looking for cost effective and fastest business launch in Japan, We are the right partner.

JAPAN has mixed business culture of both Euro-American business culture and its of Asia. Also, there are complex distribution of goods and services known as Asia way. Hireling and salary is also higher then global standards. Before entering into Japanese markets, we can offer finest business support for companies outside Japan. Specially we are bright on IT field such as cellular phone markets(H/W, Solution, UML, android applications), System Integration, ISV, Telecom, M&A Adviser,MBO, LBO, Net marketing, Web marketing, IT Architect, Contents (Publishing, WEB, movie, DVD ).

When in Rome, do as the Romans do.
It is polite, and possibly also advantageous, to abide by the customs of a society when one is a visitor.

  • Our clients from USA(NY/CA/IA/SD), Russia, Korea, Taiwan, Sweden, Germany, Denmark based compaies.

  • List shown does NOT include service for the Japanese clients. Our initiative projects only.

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    Services before advance into Japan

    HR Personnel affairs plan, Budget for the hireling, salary, welfare.
    Sales Sales plan estimation with hearings from the top share companies in its market.
    Market size estimation and the explanations of its market complexity.
    Registration Establishment fares. Trademarks and patents, if needed. Working permit visas for key persons from HQ.
    Overhead Estimation of the overhead costs such as office renting, IDC, etc.

    Establishment support

    Law Registration of the company or branch. Patent or trademarks registration, working permit visa, etc.
    PR Connection for the key person and companies for its market. Coordination and making of the Press Release and interviews.
    Contracts Translation of the contracts of office renting, etc and coordination.
    HR Hireling the suitable personnel under affairs plan. Education programs of corporate philosophy and policies.
    IT Building Information systems such as office phone, office security, Mail servers and file servers under the rule policy of HQ, VPN. Web page localization by the native quality with dignity.

    Business promotion support

    Sales Market reclamation support, Branding strategy support.
    IT AD services such as the listing advertisement banner. SEO and usability. Web page creation.
    HR Hireling and layoffs support.

    Closing office from Japan

    From evacuating or Withdrawal from Japanese market, we can support to find company whom undertaking your duties. Making contrants and amounts estimation on both the business due-diligence and the financial due-diligence on DCF basis.