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Leveraging know-how gained over the years in the communications field, Bluestar Corporation is combining financing with efforts to help propel your business forward.

Bluestar is not an investment company managing funds, nor is it a venture capital firm. We invest shareholders' equity, functioning as an "angel" of sorts by offering management assistance to emerging businesses. Our goal is not necessarily an initial public offering. Rather, we work together with the managers of companies that have something to offer to society, assisting them in creating financially sound companies that will pay dividends to their shareholders. Clients typically have concerns like those voiced below:

"We hope to transform our earlier business model into one compatible with the 21st century IT era."

"With production and sales so tightly integrated today, how can we make the most of the trading company-like activities we've pursued to date?"

"We are a company with more than 50 employees who are anxious about operations since no leadership successor has been chosen."

"We are exploring the possibility of establishing a foothold in Japan."

For Bluestar Corporation, our mission is to help these clients as their best partner, using the power of IT to accelerate the contribution that the management of such companies can make to our society.

Examples of Bluestar Investment

Oricon Inc. Oricon Inc.(Market list code:4800)
co-founder.Billboard like music ranking company
Cross Language Inc. Cross Language Inc.
Seller of translation software packages for English/Japanese, Japanese/English and other languages
C.F. Computing, Inc. C.F. Computing, Inc. Subsidary company
Company established in 1990 by Kazuhisa Nishikawa. Software company. Main product is "SNS" build by Ruby on Rails.
Global Waters, K.K. Global Waters, K.K.
Home delivery and import of mineral water
Investment upto now: US$ 5 Million+
Investment score as of March 31, 2008: IPO (1 company), M&A sale (gained 1 company; lost 3 companies), firms in incubation (32), in liquidation (4 companies), in bankruptcy (5 companies)