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Reasonably Priced and Straightforwardly Explained SWOT Analyses

While new industries hold the promise of innovative possibilities, they lack reliable indicators for judging whether the businesses they generate have the earnings potential that their owners claim. For investors, this reality makes it difficult to judge true potential based solely on proposed business plans.

The IT industry has little capital investment, and by extension little in the way of conventional assets. In most cases, this situation breeds heavy reliance on business models and key people for investment decisions, to say nothing of the blistering pace of change in the industry. Venture firms, meanwhile, have a dire need for capital. From a financial institution's standpoint, the desire is to help those firms capable of securing profits to achieve greater growth through the loans they can provide. But with little in the way of collateral, firms in the venture business sector have difficulty getting the funds they need on a consistent basis from financial institutions in a traditional financial system.

Financial institution-backed venture capital, particularly smaller investment on the level of roughly \10 million, faces a similar dilemma. When questioning whether the novel businesses championed by managers of ventures companies will grow in the ways managers insist, typically an investor has few options but to take the business plan put forward by the managers on faith.

From its long history in Japan's IT industry, Bluestar Corporation has the ability to provide financial institutions with analysis reports on the business models of companies in the IT industry. In fact, Bluestar has earned high marks from financial institutions and other entities over the last several years for the provision of these straightforwardly written, easy-to-understand reports.

Examples of Report Recipients

Details and Pricing

Investment Screening Divisions, Financing Screening Divisions

Analysis Method Corporate name presentation and materials submitted by company only (does not include visits or conversations by phone with company)
Report Details Business overview written in plain language, SWOT analysis, future potential
Report Format PDF-format, 3 pages (letter size)
Standard Delivery Date 2 business days
Standard Price JPY 150,000 (plus VAT tax)