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There are no good news unless you are not working for it

Although we are not M&A specialists, our longtime presence in the industry has given us insight into the conditions that IT firms face. This advantage comes from information obtained from the most direct source. The managers of such companies themselves.

When looking to grow rapidly, most firms will strengthen their own business by acquiring a company already conducting business in the sector where they want to reinforce their hand, thereby quickly building up their organization.

However, at the stage when most managers looking to sell actually make their desire known to the M&A market, their operations are typically already under so much pressure that there is little time to conduct proper due diligence. This situation is frequently the source of trouble later on between shareholders and those involved in the buyout deal.

Similarly, when a buyer attempts to acquire a company with good business performance, discussions often stall when the buyout targets presents the potential buyer with unexpectedly large market capitalization figures.

As part of services mainly for companies interested in acquisitions, Bluestar acts as an agent, devising lists of acquisition candidates and approaching candidates regarding acquisition possibilities. The Company also acts as a negotiations intermediary, and makes adjustments to negotiations as needed from a third-party perspective. For the actual purchase and sale contract, we select and join forces with the most suitable firm from among several partners involved in accounting-related due diligence work to complete the project.

Work Performed

Consulting on enhancement potential of business fields Compiling of list of candidate firms Hearing to sound out candidate firms Negotiations intermediary work


Estimates based on work performed Remuneration based on project success also available

Value of the deal Our fee
under US$ 5M 5%
US$ 5M to 10M 4%
US 10M to 20M 3%
over 20M 2%

* Japanese VAT tax not included * Value will include all the assets of the company.