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IT industry and Construction industry has the similar points.

You can make a dog house of your own . You can get stuff from DIY tore and build it with fun. It is like a dog house to build, it is easier to make a website look fine by using web templates and/or little knowledge of HTMLs and PHP script. But like built like a house or high rise buildings, deeper knowledge of the construction is needed to build which is like IT industry today.

Construction industry

Architect Project Management, building design
Deeper knowledge on construction
Major constructor ▼subcontract Local major constructor ▼subcontract Local small constructor Major constructor manages construction project Interior decoration supplier Furnishes Interior for better life. Telecom Needs phone and internet Security Safer living

IT industry

IT Architect, Bluestar Project Management, RFP, audit
Deeper knowledge on IT
Major System Integrator ▼subcontract Local major System Integrator ▼subcontract Local small software firm Major constructor manages IT development project Website
creative agency
Decolates the website to look good. Network company ISP who provides Internet, routers. Security company Furewall, IPS to protect from crackers

Larger project goes to the following steps

But what we have to do? How?

Great system at a lower cost can be made by IT architect only.

The good old days, we just have to ask big companies like IBM, NCR to make a perfect solution for the company. That was the only choice. But nowadays, under corporate compliance guideline, we have to find out affordable perfect stable solution from all over the world and build them at lower cost operation guaranteed. Who can build it in the far east?

Some of the System Integrator can provide the system on multi vendor platform and those products were the best solution that you can guarantee?
You can use us as the part of your team and select the best solution from several solution vendors and yes we are English spoken who can translate your demands.

Yes, Bluestar is the leader in this market as IT Architect.

Since 1990, we have more than 200 project experience of the larger website launch project , Branding through internet, Buzz marketing, search advertisement, etc. We will act on your business plan to manage plan, architect, audio, support your IT project.

IT Project Management

  1. Business plan, RFP draft

    • Market research to minimize project risks
    • To make a business plan, market analysis is needed to analyze the market. Which is one of the key business of Bluestar. It is easy to know is there are market needs or not before the launch of the project.
    • Project partner findings
    • To launch the project smoothly, finding a good partner company is the most important part of doing business in Japan. We can help to find reliable partners in Japan for your project and company.
  2. Good RFP and project budget estimation

    • It is quite hard to make good RFP without any changes afterwards. We usually write a further business plan and break them into several project phases. Which decreases the project changes during the development term. No delays, No extra cost, No trouble.
    • Balance of initial and running cost
    • We are sure that most important part of the business is the Total Cost Operation. Not only the system but also the electricity, human resources,logistics, etc.
    • Project budget estimation
    • If project includes the development of the system, we can make RFP and detail architecture plan as well. It is quite important to consider further plan of the system to make a DB relational model, table, subroutine, security points and other points .
    • The perfect RFP and detail plan can only made to make a good estimation from several system integrators or solution vendors.
  3. Vendor finding

    • Selection of the vendors.
    • Project presentation to vendors.
    • Analysis of the proposal from the vendors.
    • Verify any miss understandings from the proposal. If any mistakes, we can ask them to fix it if possible.
    • A list of the proposal from vendors to make a decision.
  4. Order assistance / Audit

    • Project management on the gantt chart, quality, schedule,etc. Sets critical path to avoid delays.
    • If any problems, we will make them advice.
    • We can report to HQ in English
    • Verification test in the middle half of the development.
    • Verification of the final development with stress test.
    • Audit report for the development project.
  5. Operation support

    • If system trouble occurs during the system live or on service, we will find out where and why it happened and make quick advice to the vendor to solve the problem.Improvement advice if needed.
    • System operational workflow optimization and manual writing for the operators.

  • Optional: Operator, management recruitment.
    • Marketing analyst, web designer, developer for custmization
    • CIO adviser

Our case study

Corporate core system replacement
  • Client: US$ 300 M wholesaler
  • Replacement project of old IBM AS400 to Client server model system of Accounting, logistics, BI, rebate, etc.
    • KSF: Grasp of the each product sales, purchase and revenue.
    • Flexibility of the billing printings by using partner company billing form.
    • Several EDI systems for ordering and selling.
    • Business intelligence tool for the management.
  • Project domain: Project study to the end of the project in operation
  • Architect amount: US$ 80,000 for 14 month.

Logistics optimization for e-commerce company
  • Client E-commerce company sales US$250M / year.
    • KSF: Taken 16hours to send stock order to shorten shipping. Also decrease miss shipping ratio.
  • Project domain: Workflow analysis, Workflow plan and simulation, Workflow optimization, software depelopment, some hardware findings
  • After our project shipping is completed within business hours at half of its personnel before.
  • Our fee: US$ 180,000 for 3 month.

New business launch project
  • Client: System integrator
    • KSF: Next 15 years revenue and cost estimation and SWOT report world wide.
  • Project material are used for the bord member meetings.
  • Project domain: Presentation material for the board members including forecast, case study in USA
  • Our fee: US$ 50,000 for 2 month.