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More conversions on
same budget!

Deep analysis with access analytics for more conversions. Marked average 7x more!

Early times when search engine marketing had started in mid 1990’s, Bluestar had asked Yahoo Japan to sale “cell phone” keyword for our client cell phone company. It was the first deal in Japan and they had started to sell search words in this market.

Through our web marketing, we always use access analytics to see where are the customers from and how they became to know the site. We had interested in the search engine when it had started its service. Most of the website has its own goal. To convert more, we kept running on the PDCA cycle to revise websites and whatever it’s necessary. Thus, we convert more from 105% to 2,000% than other search advertisement agencies by revising both search advertisement system and website renewal.

The three points, “search words”, “Quality of each word”, “match of the search word and the landing page” are most important point to improve CTR and CPC on search advertisement and Google AdWords display advertisement. Improvements can be done by keeping revising on the both advertisement system and access analytics for better CPC and CTR.

Does your advertising agency use access analytics to verify conversions? Do they make PDCA cycle to improve efforts? Think about it.

Grip new customers

Does your agency use your corporate name and trademark brand for the search advertisement? If yes, it might be used budget for existing customer for nothing. Most of the search engine algorithm seeks for the top of the list of your trademark brand of your company name if it is common. If it is registered trademark, you can request to the search engine companies to terminate any search advertisement to show. This case, your trademark brand will be on the top of the organic search.

We spent only for the new customers for the budget not for the customer already.
search advertisement matrix

The catch copy writing in short messages are tough

The search advertisement can use short words to catch the possible customers which could be quite harder than long explanations. As is the title of the magazine, newspapers, it is said that the hardest part of the job is the short catch copy writing. From BBS period before internet era nowadays, we had kept making short copy writings through the experience and yes, we can.

In the title and description of the advertisement, most commonly used search keywords might be in the title or description to receive good advertisement index rate for lower CPC and good CPA. Yes, so many advertisement text is needed to run on a single campaign. Does your agency create dozens of advertisement texts? It will take time to create and revise them all. But we do it for better CPA.

day, time and area weighting.

By using with access analytics and reports by search advertisement reports, most of the case improvements are done by optimizing day, time and area weighting.We can mark more conversions on the same budget.


We shall set KPI for better improvements.

Before the project
  • AAccess permission on the web analytics. Webmaster tool for Google and Bing.
  • A list of the search words which made the conversion on from search engine organic search for the last 12 months.
  • Agreement on the "conversion point"


Main KPI

Analysis point
  • Conversion rate on time and day
  • CTR and CPC change on each search words
  • Analysis on day, time, area
  • A/B test of catch copy
  • Optimization recommendation of search words and catch copy
  • Adding keywords by the list of the converted search keywords from the search engine organic search
  • Optimization of the catch copy + search words + landing page

Case study
Japan's largest intercontinental bus network company for CPA 500 per revervation.

The other agency before Bluestar handles
  • Budjet from the account advertising cost
  • Receiving search words list and approve.
  • Single catch copy and landing page for the top of the website.
  • Receives CTR, CPC and response rate for the entire list of search words
  • No access analytics, No conversion points are set
What we do usually
  • Budget from the account of sales promotion
  • Optimization by using access analytics and sets conversion point for the PDCA cycle
  • Better landing page are set to optimize for the each search word
  • halt some low CTR search words and no conversion