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You can reach possible customers on YouTube, Ustream or other online video web services directly to increase brand awareness.

Spend budget only for the possible customers make brand awareness now available.

The terrestrial TV promotion can reach large numbers of audience which can increase brand awareness but needs huge budget and reaches non possible customers which wastes precious budget. But now, internet video promotion can make it change to reach only to the possible customers at 1/30th of its rate than terrestrial TV. You can target the customers on area, gender, age, and even the interest. As you know already, the video promotion has 200x more brand awareness increase than words.

The internet video promotion on GRP basis

It is said that 300 GRP can make recognition of its brand, 900 GRP can make sales launch, 2000 GRP can lift the sales of the product or service. We will measure how many possible customer had viewed video promotion by GRP basis making best effort on a limited budget to make the brand awareness increase.

Make video for the online not to use the video for the TV

By using video for TV advertisement might occur brand affinity decrease. The most of the internet video promotions are shown before the user had requested to see the other interested video. The audience might feel noisy if the usual video promotion had shown.

The user could skip the video after it had shown 5 seconds. In such first 5 seconds, an internet video promotion might make user interest to see entire video with fun, joy, impression or excitement.If not, you will run a video promotion for brand affinity decrease. It is worst case which we usually see as an audience.

Our case stdy and creation

  1. PC Software

    • Target: Senior, PC user, entire Japan who speaks Japanese
    • Video creation budget: US$ 8,000
  2. Household product

    • Target: Female, age 25+, area:Tokyo, Osaka, Nagora and its neighbourhood, interested on cooking.
    • Video creation budget: US$ 10,000 for 2 of 30sec. and 4 of 15sec.
    • Media budget:900 vGRP for US$ 20,000