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Our Usability and Accessibility service

Bluestar provides the usability consulting services includes methods of measuring usability, such as user needs analysis and the study of the principles behind an object's perceived efficiency or elegance. Usability differs from user satisfaction and user experience because usability also considers usefulness.

Also the accessibility guideline for normalization to solve not only digital divide but also handicapped person, are one of the important issues for the Japanese website under the Japanese government recommendation to provide. It is defined under the Japanese Industrial Standards on JIS-8341 and commonly called “WebJIS standard”.

From the wide view of the usability and accessibility, user access to multiple device are also an important part to create website under the responsible web design rules. Google strongly recommends to build a website on responsible web design.

Increase conversion rate by usability

Usability and Accessibility could increase the conversion rate that we already know through the projects. Category top 10 links, link to category top, easy to find where to click by not to use too many colors in a single page.

Not tp place lots of banners on the top page of the site

Too many blink or flash banners might stress and misreads the visitors for nothing.
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Focus on most important part


We use the KPI of usability and accessibility as follows:

Most KPI
  • The number of page views per user
  • The rate of the conversion by visitor

Main KPI
  • Number of clicks of partner banner
  • Number of the last pages.User to leave specifit page.
  • Lost session rate after the cart in.

Case study
  • Improvement of the number for the real estate company to find out land owner by improving usability and accessibility. Targeting on elder owner.
  • Page view / user improvements for the system integrator.
  • Create a website with accessibility for their handicapped corporate ski team focusing on the Paralympics.