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Maintenance is the most important

Revise and adding more contents and news are the important part of having the website of your company. Bluestar had created many websites before the internet had commercially used in late 1980’s Bluestar has a large number of the experience to create and manage websites for stock listed large enterprises, Bank, mega e-commerce sites, fashion, foreign worldwide bank and many more. We have deeper knowledge on search engine optimization, web usability, accessibility, access analytics.

Purpose and architect

Nowadays, website can become a strong arm to accelerate your business on your business plan. It can increase stock price as it has to be. It can assist sales, receiving offers, hiring. Also it can make good relationship with society, investor and retired personnel. The website can be used in various purpose on demand.

E-commerce package software or Saas is good for the start, but not for the mainstream business. All the company has its own cultural background and it will appear on the differences of websites.

We will make deep understanding of our partner company from a corporate background of their legacy. We will make the best effort website afterwards on step by step. Plan, architecture, flamework and the design concept.


We have experienced so many websites from middle size to larger sites like two thousand solution solution provider or 2 million page website e-commerce sites. We are not the solution provider so we will not unwanted hardware like expensive cluster servers or software. Often, some solution might be needed to create the website, we will find out the best solution with our partner, as the customer, to solve the problem.

As we are one of the major Strategic Internet Professional Service company in Japan, we can be sure to implement best Search Engine optimized website at first to make PDCA cycle , Usability and accessibility through web access analytics.


If we do not develop a website system, we can offer an audit service for the solution. Some software company develops the site to query 10 times to show one webpage. Which might stress the DB server that will occur trouble rate and lower performance of the solution.

Static URL and dynamic url are big difference to the system performance, SEO, and a customer who wants to share the URL on social networking.

Case study

Website creation
    Mega Bank, Tokyo stock market listed companies
    Several dozens of web sites renewal. Revise on IR, Recuitment category renewal for more companies.
Mobile site creation
    Foreign worldwide american banking site
    Mobile site from scratch: US$ 15,000
E-commerce site development
    Convenience store EC Site: US$ 120,000 for 6 month
    Bookstore e-commerce site with 2 million products: US$ 300,000
Search Engine Optimization
    Distributed SEO service for Catalogue shopping 7 out of Japan TOP 10 companies
    Dymanic to Static URL converter webpage publishing engine for 30+ companies
    Lot of SEO advisory service to the 200+ companies including foreign companies.

Case study

Created under the responsive web design which can adapt to any screen size that accesses it by a single html file.